A hassle free and cost effective way to ensure your workforce stay connected.

Staying Connected Is Easy

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve needed to ensure people, whether staff or family members, always have enough airtime on their phone to stay in contact?

Via WolaTalk ©, WOLA pushes prepaid airtime to thousands of users across South Africa.  We then track, analyse and report on its usage, effectively combining the flexibility of Prepaid with the convenience of a Contract for each of our clients.

The cost of this great service is free
WolaTalk© FeaturesWolaTalk© Benefits
  • We send airtime to your staff members
  • We do it for you
  • Reporting
  • Fully customised
  • Fully automated
  • Hassle free, stress free
  • Zero monthly costs or setup costs
  • Quick to implement
  • Connectivity: The ability to send remotely ensures no-one is out of contact
  • Significant savings through:
  • Reduced Manpower
  • Increased Traceability
  • Phonebill Analysis
  • Increased Financial Controls
  • Convenience
  • No Contracts
  • Flexibility:
  • Add/ remove cellphone no.s
  • Increase/ decrease monthly airtime received


pay as you go
MTN products and services
MTN products and services

What Makes WolaTalk© Different?

Prepaid AirtimeHighly FlexibleAdministrative and tracking nightmare when loading airtime via vouchers or other currently available channels
Contract AirtimeConvenience

Highly inflexible long term contracts

Lots of paperwork

Credit Limit pre-set


Highly Flexible


No administration

No pre-set Credit Limits

Tailored reporting

Staff can now no longer use the airtime as they wish – a win for you!


Save Time and Money with WolaTalk©

Reduced Manpower
Increased Control Of Finances
Increased Traceability
More Accurate Phone Bill Analysis
No Contracts

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