WolaData ©

Share one data bundle across several devices with multiple people.

Make Managing Data Usage Easy

Do you have more than one user of Data in
your family or business?

Do some of you run out of data before your top-up date, while others only use a portion of theirs during the same

Do your data needs change from month to month?

WolaData© is the product for you

For the first time ever, using MTN’s DataShare, you can link up to 20 SIM cards to one data bundle at no extra cost! By sharing one data bundle with up to 20 people you significantly reduce the chances of wasted data at the end of the month. Plus, it makes your life a whole lot easier as you no longer need to top up multiple devices.

By combining MTN’s DataShare with our WolaTalk © airtime vending product, Wola MTN has created WolaData© which quite simply is the easiest way to manage your data
as your monthly requirements change.

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